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We will be using our class blog to tell you all about the exciting things that happen in our classroom and school.

Our blog is called “Our Time to Shine” because we enjoy showing what we learn and shining a light into our school lives.


Everyone is invited to leave comments, we love hearing what your thoughts are.

Blogging it a “conversation” please take part in it to inspire the Kindergarten students to continue their passion for sharing, collaborating, reading and writing. Please make sure you have read the Blogging Rules Page


Thank you, Miss McLennan

21st C Learning


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Please Note::: This post is not from the students in Kindy @WCS. It is a post from Miss McLennan during the term 4 Staff Development Days and was used to show Primary & High teachers how easily students can use blogs for sharing work and ideas.


The questions we were asked


* What is 21st Century learning? Answered using a VideoScibe using the app on iPad.

* How has technology changed in the classroom over the years? Answered using a StopMotion video made using the iMotionHD app on iPad


* What 21st Century skills will students need?

* How do student’s learn?

* How do teachers at WCS keep up with latest research in learning?

All answered in the video below made using Xtranormal on computer.

21st C
by: MissMcLennan


Thank You and Goodbye.


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This year we have enjoyed blogging. It has been wonderful to think about our learning. By talking to people from all over the world we have learnt how to spell, type, read and write better.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to our blog and become our learning friends.

Image from beedivinedesigns.com

Next year we move on to Year 1. We are excited to be getting a new teacher and have the new Kindy students join us in a K/1 class. Today is our last day of Kindy. We have had 190 days at Woodenbong Central School.

This is us infront of our SmartBoard day counter, we do this each morning.

We are saying goodbye to Uncle Ray and Miss McLennan today too. We are sad to see them leave our school but know that they have exciting thngs happening next year.

Image from reinhardtlibrary.blogspot.com

Uncle Ray has been here for 32 years and even taught some of our mums and dads. He has taught us all about the local Aboriginal culture and to speak in Githabul – our local language.

Miss McLennan has been at Woodenbong for 3 years. We have had a great year learning with her. She taught us how to communicate with people using the internet, so we could show off our work and learn with others.

Our first year of school has been extremely exciting because of Miss M and Uncle Ray’s hard work.

We wish all our blogging friends a Merry Chrismas and a safe and Happy Holiday.

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Using Xtranormal


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Xtranormal is an online Web2.0 tool that can be used to tell stories or information. You can choose your characters, the setting, sounds, actions and camera angles. By typing or recording your own voice you can tell the characters what to say.

We used Xtranormal to do an interview about our Tania Cox excursion.

Here is our interview. We hope you like it.

meeting Tania Cox
by: MissMcLennan

What fun ways would you use Xtranormal?

Presentation Day


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Last Friday Woodenbong Central School gathered in the hall with community members and special guests for our 2012 Presentation Day. It is nice that some of our mums, dads and families can join us.

The Primary School had their presentation before recess and the High Schoolers were after. We all had to sit quietly while listening to the special speeches and seeing our friends get their awards.

All of us in Kindy got a beautiful book for working hard all year.


Here we are getting our certificates and books


What was special about your presentation day?

Have you ever received an award at presentation day?

Meeting Tania Cox


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On Wednesday 12th December Kindy and Year 1 had to be at school to catch the bus by 8am we were headed to Brisbane which is 3 hours on a bus. Everyone was excited because we were going to meet Tania Cox who had invited us to Brisbane so she could see the faces of the children who made her book “Snap! Went Chester” in to a movie. You can see our movie here.

The bus arrived safely at the Queensland State Library and we all had a walk around and some recess before heading in to work with Tania Cox. It is important to be very quiet when you are at the library.

After recess we went inside the Library, it was very big with lots of comfy cushions. Tania Cox was waiting for us in a special room. First she helped us acted out a new story called “Roar! went the Tiger” which is similar to “Snap! Went Chester”. We all got to be the animals in the story and it was exciting because we learnt how to easily make a new story.

Tania telling us how her Illustrators make her stories look wonderful

The next thing Tania Cox showed us was a book of baby animals. She uses the pictures to get ideas for her stories. We used a photo of a Mother duck piggy backing her duckling because it couldn’t swim to write our own story. Our story was called “Little Duck”.

This is the “Little Duck” story we wrote

When we were back in Woodenbong we changed the animals names so that we used the Githabul words – our local Aboriginal Language. Keep an eye out for our post with our movie showing this story.

Tania then read one of our favourite stories she has written ” Millie’s Special Something” and Millie came to meet us. She tickled us with her feathery tail. She has lots of colours and is a nice dinosaur. This is a beautiful book and David Miller is also the illustrator.

Miss McLennan with Millie and Tania Cox

We had an awesome day with Tania and are grateful that she invited us. We learnt heaps about writing stories so that we can become good authors.

Once we were all finished visiting Tania we explored the Children’s Corner in the library. It has a maze, funny mirrors, a viewing platform to see the city and lots of toys.

We had lunch outside and then we got back on the bus and went to SouthBank where there is a man-made beach. There was an amazing castle made of sand with sand models of Australian animals all around it. Miss McLennan bought us all yummy ice creams for the bus trip home.

On the bus we were all exhausted and some of us slept the whole way home. It was an epic excursion and we are so happy that Tania invited us to Brisbane after all our hard work.

Here we are with Tania Cox

Do you have a library in your town?

What fun learning excursion have you been on?

How do you learn to become a good author?


1000 Visitors!!!


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Over the weekend we reached an exciting milestone on our class blog.

We have had …

We would like to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone who has enjoyed our blog.

We have learnt a lot from each of you.

Here is a quick video of the stories we wrote, with excitement, when we discovered we head reached 1000 Visitors.

What has been your favourite post on our Blog so far?

Image from Class 5 Blog

2012 Edublog Award Nominations


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Image sourced from:theinnovativeeducator

The Edublog Awards are upon us and we are very excited to be involved this year. We have only been blogging since the 5th August 2012 and have learnt so many things in this small amount of time. The use of Twitter, Edublogs and other social media has allowed us to learn from teachers,students, classes and the general public from all over the world. Our blog is a place for us to share our learning and the exciting events that happen in our classroom and school.

Here are our Nominations. We have allowed Miss McLennan to sneak some in too.

Best Class Blog: North Star All Stars {The kids at North Star use their blog like we do, to share their amazing learning. We like to learn from them because they are older than us}

Best educational use of audio/video/visual: North Star All Stars {The kids at North Star make amazing movies to show their learning}

Best group blog: Country Cousins {North Star PS and Merrylands East PS are working together to learn from each other abut life on the farm and where food comes from}

Best free web tool: Twitter {We use Twitter to learn and share}

Best individual tweeter: @cornstik {Miss McLennan uses her Twitter account to share how hard we are working and any fun things we do on our blog. She also talks to lots of teachers around the world to learn new things to teach us}

Best ed tech/resource sharing blog: Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom {Kathleen Morris shares expert ideas and resources for integrating technology into all areas of the Primary Curriculum}

Best twitter hashtag: #ozprimschchat {Taking place on Thursday nights and hosted by @johnqgoh the chat discusses all topics related to Primary Education around Australia}

Best New Blog: It’s All About the Learning {A blog by @johnqgoh where he discusses his innovative approach to leadership at Merrylands East Public School}

Good luck to all nominees.

Have you put in your nominations?

We are excited to find out who the winners are.

100% Attandance


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In week 5 of term 4 no one in Kindergarten had a day away from school. Mrs Want gave us a special awards for 100% attendacne.

It is important to come to school so you learn heaps of stuff and get a great job.

We think school is cool!

Here is a photo of our award.

Do or did you like going to school?

What is your favourite topic to learn at school?

Why do you think it is important to go to school?

On Your Mark. Get Set. Spell.


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This week Miss McLennan went to Moree to work with teachers including Mr Sky from North Star. She showed them how clever we are at using the iPads and all the creative projects we have made. It is exciting that Miss McLennan gets to show lots of teachers how lucky we are in Kindy at Woodenbong.

While Miss McLennan was in Moree she was shown a cool spelling game by Dr Rich Allen. The game was created by a teacher called Cindy Rickert. We have called it ON YOUR MARK. GET SET. SPELL.

To play the game you have to have all the letters of the alphabet on the floor or outside on the ground. Miss McLennan writes a word on the whiteboard and the person who’s turn it is reads the word and then the fun begins. They have to run and find the letters needed to spell the word and we yell it out. When they have finished their word we get to give them a cheering dance and groove to the music.

This game is fun because you get to move, groove and shake as well as yell and spell.

What is or was your favourtie way to learn your spelling words?

Do you like to learn by being active or still?

What music do you like to learn with?

Learning in the Blue Room


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At our school we have new and exciting furniture in our old computer room. Kindy have started calling it the Blue Room. It is different from a classroom because it has cafe chairs and tables. There are laptops and big TV computers that can have lots of people working at them.

We like working in the Blue Room because we can be comfy how we like.

Here are our stories after we worked with Year 5 in the Blue Room.

Lachlan – Year 5 helped us to blog. Bryson was my helper.

Deakin – Last week Year 5 helped us blog in the Blue Room.

Mia – Last week Year 5 helped us to blog. It was fun. Mathew helped me.

Katelyn – Year 5 helped in the Blue Room. Liahna helped me write on the blog.

Shemaaya – Last Monday Year 5 helped us in the Blue Room. Liahna helped Madison and I with our blogging and reading.

Jayden – Last week Year 5 helped us to blog. It was fun.

Jimmy – Last week Year 5 helped us work on our blog. It was funBryson was my helper.

Madison – All week Liahna helped Shemaaya and I. She helped us on the iPads and make pie graphs. It was fun.

Here are some photos of our new room.

Does your school have a room with different types of furniture?

Where do you use your computers and iPads in your school?

When you are using technology how do you get comfortable?

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